The Future

Protecting Your Heritage

The Brass Band Archive is creating an unparalleled legacy to the future of the banding world. With the dedication and commitment given over to the creation of this unique collection of brass band heritage, it is important to ensure that it can continue being enjoyed by generations to come.

Being a bandsman through and through, Walter Ainscough wanted to ensure that his near lifetime work would be protected with the appropriate mechanisms in place to ensure its future. As a result of his down to earth approach to life, he realised an official provision needed to be set up for when the time came for him to have to move on – enter The British Federation of Brass Bands!

After various discussions on the available options, a board of trustees has now been established with Brian Halliwell as chair. The British Federation of Brass Bands will act as the donee and is the major trustee responsible for the legal matters. The other trustees include Derek Ralinson, David Read and Martin Mortimer.

This is a significant step for The Brass Band Archive and will ensure that these treasures will now have a protected future for all to enjoy for years to come.

Visit our Can You Help Us? page to find out ways in which you can contribute in your own way to the future of this eclactic sensation of brass band history.

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