The Supporters

Thank You!

The success of the Brass Band Archive relies not only on the relentless work of its Curators, Walter Ainscough and Alan Marsh, but from the support and donations offered by bands, individuals and organisations.

We would like to use this area of the website to offer our thanks to all our supporters and to give visitors an idea of the huge contributions already made to keep this unique historical collection alive and protected for the future.

Current Key Supporters

Brian Halliwell

On learning of the need for new premises of The Brass Band Archives in 2002, Wigan businessman Brian Halliwell stepped up to the mark and offered the comprehensive space where the archive can now call home. His role in the continued success of The Brass Band Archive has been fundamental and bandspeople around the world will always be in his debt.

Lancashire Contests

Tremendous financial support has been provided to cover the unavoidable telephone bills and the organisation has also covered the cost of some new steel shelving which has enabled the Leigh extension to take shape.

British Federation of Brass Bands

British Federation of Brass Bands

With the support and foresight of the BFBB, provisions have now been made to ensure the continued protection of the Brass Band Archive and the unique heritage it represents.

Financial support for stationery and storage boxes has also been forthcoming, enabling the cataloguing process to continue without interruption.

Find out more about the BFBB’s involvement with the future of the archive by visiting The Future section of this website.

Butlins, Skegness

ButlinsThe support shown by Butlins in providing us with assistance at the 2008 Butlins Mineworkers Brass Band Championships helped to give the Brass Band Archive a more public profile at their key event in the brass banding calendar.

Just Brass Media Services

Just Brass Media ServicesTheir time provided for publicity, internet services and IT training have helped to bring the Brass Band Archive into the 21st Century. We now have a website and email facilities which give us a truly global window so that everyone can find out about the work we do.

TOR Designs and Handley Band Uniforms

TOR Designs and Handley Band Uniforms

In addition to making donations of historical uniforms, Jon and Roger Handley have been fundamental in the recent profile-building of the Brass Band Archive. From their iinput we’ve exhibited a showcase collection and now have a true identity through our exhibition clothes and display accessories.

Virtuosi England Limited

Virtuosi England LimitedThrough their generosity with a donation of a brand new euphonium as a draw prize at the 2008 Butlins Mineworkers Brass Band Championships, we were able to raise funds to ensure the continued accessibility to the Brass Band Archive, helping with the creation of this website and the ongoing expenses in providing this global facility.

Association of Band Traders

Association of Band TradersThe support of this trading association meant we were able to gain exposure through their media publicity. In addition, being adopted as their focus project for the 2008 Butlins Mineworkers Brass Band Championships, we were able to give our first major ‘travelling’ exhibition showcase of some of the key items in our collection.

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