Contest Results

The contest archive has been launched! A full record of the National Brass Band Championships from 1900 to 2010 is now available.

Full details have now been compiled of all the National Brass Band Championships (Championship section). It’s been a mammoth project to collect and collate the information, but it is now available for you to view online or download as a PDF document.

You now have the opportunity to find out who competed, who was conducting, what was being played, the draw numbers of each band and the top results of the day for every contest that took place from 1900 to 2010! All the information you could need to go down memory lane or take inspiration from brass band days gone by!

The contest archive provides an important historical record of this significant national contest and provides interesting reading – surely one of the most comprehensive collections of contest information available!

Now Available to View or Download

The contest archive list is downloadable as a PDF document or viewable online. Simply select your option below and enjoy an insight to the many contest performances at this prestigious contest since 1900.

The PDF document is searchable using Adobe Acrobat Reader (there is also a link to a free download of this should your computer not already have it loaded). The online version of the contest archive list is also searchable by using the ‘Find on This Page’ option normally available through your internet browser.

Contest Results

Just One of Many Projects

The Contest Archive is just one of many major archive projects being undertaken by Walter and Alan, curators of The Brass Band Archive. Other completed archive lists include The Recordings Archive (a comprehensive collection of 78 Records, LP Records and CDs) and The Music Libraries (listing a comprehensive collection of brass band sheet music sets).

Your Own Enquiries

If you have any specific enquiries for recordings, sheet music or memorabilia, please contact either Walter or Alan, who will be pleased to help. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy gaining access to the Library List No. 1 – a fascinating collection of information and an impressive legacy for the future.


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